10 Minute Scarf – NO SEWING REQUIRED!

10 Minute Scarf – NO SEWING REQUIRED!

Just a t-shirt and a pair of scissors needed !  10 minutes later, you will have a scarf, thanks to Pinterest!

I used the body of the black shirt I had left over from my Stripes and Solids top for this scarf.  Just about any t-shirt will work!


I began by cutting straight across under the armpits, and then cutting the hem off along the bottom.


Next, I marked a horizontal line about half way up the vertical length of my tube of fabric.


Then, all I had to do was to make vertical cuts about every 1/2″ from the bottom up to my marked horizontal line.



After putting this around my neck, I decided that I did NOT want fringe hanging down the back.  So, I cut away the fringe from the back portion of the scarf.


Here is my new 10 Minute Scarf with my Stripes and solids top … such a cute addition to the top!!!



10 Minutes, Folks, and a scarf like this can be yours!!!!

Happy Making,

Molly 🙂

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