Accidental Dog Sweater

Accidental Dog Sweater

While searching for some sweaters for our daughter, I came upon this gray/navy houndstooth one from J. Crew.  For half-off day, I got the $4.99 sweater for just $2.50!  Dutifully, I brought it home, and straight into the washer it went!  OOOOOPS!!!!!  Forgot to check the tag …. wool !!!!   IMG_3745

It came out looking more like a sweater for one of our dogs, so off to work I went.  I began by serging off the sleeves.


Next, I approximated where to cut some holes for his legs.  After trying it on our dog, Louie, I had to make the holes larger and higher.  Then, I used that nifty fold-over elastic, and bound the edges of the armholes, using a zig-zag stitch to secure.



I needed to fuss with the “shoulder” area some more, so I serged away some more fabric until it fit Louie much better!


The sweater was too long, so I created a seam just above the gray ribbing at the bottom, taking away about 2 inches of length.  Below, you can see that I pinned, then I serged away those 2 inches.



Here’s our handsome Louie modeling his new sweater, but there was one more adjustment I needed to make …..



From the side view, you can see that the sweater hangs loosely around his mid-section.  This could will create a problem when he goes out to do his duty !!!  So, I folded over the gray ribbing (to the inside), and stitched the seam with a  “stretch” stitch on my machine. (I used a stitch that looks like a lightening bolt, but you could also use a zig-zag stitch.)  I made sure to leave about an inch opening to insert some elastic.


After measuring the length I would need around Louie’s mid-section to hold the sweater tight, I inserted some elastic.  Then, I stitched the ends of the elastic together, and sewed the opening closed.


Now, his custom $2.50  J. Crew dog sweater fits him perfectly!!!  Bring on the cold and the snow!!!


Louie actually likes it ….. he HATES being cold!!!!

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