Blanket to Poncho

Blanket to Poncho

Do you FREEZE when grocery shopping like I do???   Here is a simple solution!!!  Make this quick poncho, fold it up, and keep it in your car for grocery days.  You need never be cold in the frozen food section again!!!

I found this fun blanket with fringed edges at a thrift store for 99 cents!!!  No holes, even!!!

After you give your blanket a trip through the washer and dryer, here’s all you need to do..


First, fold the blanket in half, then half again, to find the very center of the square.  Pin the center.



Next, center a plate (about the circumference of your head) over the pins, and pin around the plate.




Then,  cut around the pins.

Using some double fold fleece binding,  pin that carefully around the raw edge of the neckline.

IMG_3662 (1)


Stitch around the neckline to secure the binding, and you are done!!!!  How simple is that?IMG_3664



Now, go shop in comfort and style!!!

4 thoughts on “Blanket to Poncho

    1. Thanks Katie! Obviously you could start with brand new fabric as well for this …. don’t have to repurpose. Yes, Ponchos have gotten so popular again, and they really are so easy and practical. 🙂

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