Button Challenge

Button Challenge

This week’s challenge for the Refashion Runway is BUTTONS.  Please click over to the link on my sidebar for The Renegade Seamstress, who is sponsoring this competition.  There you can see all of the wonderful creations the competitors are whipping up each week as well!  I am “sewing along” just for fun!  These challenges always stretch my brain!!!

I found a cute, but rather basic long t-shirt for $4.99.


I liked the vertical seam down the back for a touch of something different.


Before I worried about the buttons, I needed to do something about the sleeves, which were a bit like wings. (Ignore the button … only there temporarily for now.)


I marked where to sew . . .


Then serged (you can use regular machine stitching) to create my new seam.


Then ironed . . .


Next, I decided to re-create the fun seam down the back of the shirt on the front.  This was so that I could make this the focal point for my buttons.  I started by folding the shirt in half lengthwise, and making a few marks with my purple disappearing pen.


This created the center line.  I then marked 1/4 inch on either side of that line, giving me 3 lines down the front.


Next, I took the line on the bottom, and met it up with the line on the top.  (This  hid the center line inside.)  I pinned this overlap in place.


Then, using my double needle . . .


and following instructions for double needle usage, I sewed on top of this new seam (re-creating the look from the back of the shirt).


This seam was then ironed to smooth out any puckers from the sewing.


I had already gone through my antique button jars and found some fun buttons I wanted to use.


I decided placement.


Then did the hand sewing.


To keep the large button at my neck from turning or flopping forward, I added a small amount of fabric glue behind the top of the button.


Then, I pulled out my beading craft boxes, and decided to make some earrings to go with my new button shirt.


Here’s the final product . . . no longer “just a t-shirt!”


I added one small button on the back just for fun!


And don’t miss the earrings!


Button challenge ….. complete!

Happy Making,

Molly 🙂


4 thoughts on “Button Challenge

  1. Very very cute. I loved what you did to the sleeve and the addition of different buttons. From a boring T to a super cute and feminine T. Well done.

    1. Marian, Funny that you liked the one on back the best … I started with wanting to put buttons only on the back, but decided against it. 🙂

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