Chair “Recovery”

Chair “Recovery”

This is a project I handled for some friends a while back … recovering a chair they had found at an antique store.  They brought me the chair and the fabric they wanted me to use for the new cover.

Here’s the chair as it was … full photo, then a shot of the underside of the seat of the chair.



The back of the chair could be removed by dismantling the chair (metal pieces came apart), but the seat required undoing this cording to remove the seat piece.

Here’s the fabric they had purchased for me to use as a replacement.


I cut pieces of the new fabric by using the old pieces as my “pattern pieces,” but added seam allowances.  For both the seat and the back, I cut two of each piece, so I could sew them together for strength and for creating finished edges.

I purchased this natural flat batting to add to inside the pieces to give some cushioning and thickness.


Again, I used my “pattern pieces” to cut one piece of the batting for each the seat and the back.  Putting the right sides together, I pinned, then stitched the layers together.  I made sure to leave an unstitched area large enough to turn my pieces right side out.  After stitching, trimming the corners, turning, and then pressing, I stitched the opening closed.  Then, for added stability of the seams, I stitched again 1/4″ from the edges of the finished pieces.


For the back of the chair, I only needed to create a casing to slip the back onto the metal pieces.  For the seat, I needed to add the large eyelets so I could re-thread the cording, as you saw on the original above.

So, I measured, marked, cut holes, and hammered the eyelets into place.


I re-threaded the cording and pulled it very tight before securing it into place.

I made sure to tell my friends to Scotch Guard the heck out of this fabric so the white would stay nice and pristine!!!

Here’s the final product …. much prettier than the original !


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