Classy Blanket Wrap

Classy Blanket Wrap

This one is REALLY EASY!!!!  Truly, ANYONE can do this project with just a pair of scissors, and not even a sewing machine, if you make it without trim.  You can add an embroidered blanket stitch by hand if you want, or you can add bias tape or fun trim if you have a machine.

I recently found a wrap which I temporarily purchased, so I could bring it home to figure out the measurements.  Here is what it looked like when I opened it up on the floor. . . . .


As you can see, it is longer than it is wide, and there is just a slit cut in the middle.  That is all there is to it!!!!!

So, I pulled out a nice, red polartec blanket which I had thrifted for $1.99.


I decided to cut off all the folded edges, as I knew I was going to add some trim.  After cutting away the edges, the blanket measured 44″ x 58″, but these measurements can certainly be flexible, depending upon the size of your blanket, your height, etc.

I folded the blanket in half along the long length.  I then measured this long length, and marked the half way point …. this spot marked how long to make my cut.


As you can see better in the next photo, I cut about 1/2″ along the folded edge, then rounded the top of the cut so that I could easily run my trim around the curve.


Next, I took a small plate, and placed it at the squared edges of the blanket.  I marked around the plate with my purple temporary marker, then cut the new curved edges.


Then, all I had to do was pin on my trim . . . . .   (I purchased new trim, but you could use basic bias tape for less expense.)


Then, sew it in place . . . . .


And voila . . . . . here is my new classy blanket wrap!


I paired it with my Santa necklace, and I am off to a Christmas party!!!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!


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