Corduroy Jumper to Skirt

Corduroy Jumper to Skirt

Corduroy just screams FALL to me!!!  I happened upon this great corduroy jumper at Goodwill on a Half-Off Clothes day … priced at $6.99, so I purchased it for $3.50!!!  Can’t usually buy good corduroy that cheaply per yard!  And, it even has some stretch to it!!!!

As you can see, the style of the jumper was doing NOTHING for me!  So, I decided a quick skirt was in order for this refashioning task.IMG_3793

Without boring you with too many details, I simply cut apart the jumper, separating the top from the bottom, separating the front of the skirt from the back of the skirt, cutting away the lining in the top half, then finally separating the various pieces of the top.  This allowed me to use the available sections of fabric to make my skirt.





IMG_3797As you can see, I grabbed a basic skirt pattern from my stash, and placed it on the fabric as needed, to be able to cut out my pattern pieces.  For the skirt, I folded the front and back in half, then placed the pattern pieces on the folded edges.

Then, I just sewed the skirt as you would, starting with darts, then on to side seams, zipper,  top facings, and finally hem.  (Don’t forget to do some fitting to your body before you put those facings on!!!)  IMG_3800

Here’s the final result, and I wore it last night to a wonderful FALL party!!!  No one knew it was a $3.50 find!!!


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