Ditch the Sleeves!

Ditch the Sleeves!

Go Bengals!!!!  This is the year for all southern Ohioans to sport their orange and black, and support the Cincinnati Bengals, who are having a wonderful season so far!  Of course, if you have a high school or college team who’s colors are orange and black, this could also be for you!

I found this bright orange sweater last week, and brought it home for $6.00.


The shoulder pads had to go first.


Next, I carefully cut off the short sleeves.


Then, I decided to serge the sleeve hole so that the sweater would not ravel.  A knitted item like this can ravel very easily.  It didn’t matter what color was on my serger, as I knew I was going to cover this edge with seam binding.


I chose to use the fleece seam binding, as the sweater is soft and fuzzy too, just like this seam binding!


After pinning on the seam binding, I sewed this on my machine.


The final step was to fix some areas on the back side of the collar, where the loops from the front had been accidentally pulled to the back side.  To do this, I have a WONDERFUL tool called the Snag Nab-It.


To use this handy tool (for snags on just about anything!), you insert the needle tip right into the hole where the snag has come through to the wrong side.  Then, you pull the needle through that hole, and the “teeth” on the top part of the Snag Nab-It will grab the thread and pull it through to the other side.  That’s it!!!!


Now, the “sleeveless” sweater is a darling vest with a fun collar, ready for any good Bengals’ fan!!!!



GO BENGALS !!!!!!!  Let’s take it to the Super Bowl !!!!

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