“Down”-Size a Coat!

“Down”-Size a Coat!

Perfect fitting, mid-length, partial down coat for $22.  How can you hate life, right ?????

I found this coat (size XL) at a thrift store, and I was pretty sure I could put in just a little work, and it would fit me perfectly!  Because it was an XL, the sleeves were plenty long for my monkey arms.  But, the width of the arms was too big, and the body also was too wide. Fortunately, the shoulders were fine.


There was not actually a side seam on the coat, so I layed it flat, and pinned the layers together about where my new seam would be.


Next, I folded the coat so that the sleeves and the coat were folded straight (see how the front of the coat matches up with the back at the hemline).


Then, I pinned where I was going to sew with my serger. You could also do this project with a regular machine, using a tight zig-zag stitch, then cutting away your excess fabric after sewing the seam.


Then I serged.


At the end of each seam (start and finish), I took the “tail” of my serger thread and put it in an embroidery needle.  Then I fed that needle back through the serged seam about an inch or two.  Then I cut my threads.  This prevented those several loose thread pieces which (in this case) would have been at my cuff and at my hemline.  My work looked more professional this way.


See the DISASTER of opening up the seams of a down coat?  Needless to say, I was a FEATHERY MESS during this project!!!!


At this point, I wore my new coat, which I was so proud of!  BUT, only after I got home, did I realize that on my nice black top I had lots of small feathers along my sides and on my sleeves ….. how EMBARRASSING!!!!  Fortunately, the party was in a dark venue, so maybe no one noticed!  :-0

Back to the sewing machine to fix that one … I needed to encase those seams so they wouldn’t keep expelling small feathers onto my clothes.

Using the 1/4 inch double fold bias tape, I zig-zag stitched this over the seams I had created.


Perfect fix!  No more feathers for me, and the seam now is not even noticeable.  The coat looks more professional now than when I had “finished” this job before!  Haha!


Here I am in my “new” $22 down mid-length coat . . . I love it already!!!!


It’s a GREAT length, and even though it is not 100% down, it will do just fine for most of our winter here in Ohio.  I feel so smug in my perfect fitting new repurposed coat!!!

Happy Making!

Molly 🙂

4 thoughts on ““Down”-Size a Coat!

    1. Thanks! That seam idea was one of those “necessity is the mother of invention” things …. couldn’t keep having feathers shed onto my clothes!!! 🙂 It was easy to do, and really made the seam look SO much better!

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