Dress to Apron

Dress to Apron

One of the easiest DIY sewing projects can be done by turning a cute dress into an apron!  As you look at dresses to refashion, think about a couple of things . . . How will you create the straps around your neck?  Is there a regular waistline, an empire waistline, etc., and how will this look?  How will you cut away parts of the sides and back to make it look right? What material will you use for the ties in the back?

In this case, I chose a halter dress with a Hawaiian floral print.  It just came in at the waistline, but there was no waistline seam, so it worked very easily for an apron!


Originally priced at $99, clearance marked to $24.75, thrift store purchased at $6.99 … never worn!


I started by just opening the seam at the back of the dress and removing the zipper.



Then I “put on” the apron, and decided the basic angle for sloping from the armpits to the waist, where I would add my sashes in the back.


After that, I cut away the excess fabric.


Then turned over edges, and stitched them down.


Going through my “stash” of extra fabric in my sewing room, I came across this small green print which looked really cute as an accent fabric.  I cut strips for my sashes 3 1/2 inches wide by 36 inches long.



I folded those in half (right sides together), stitched them, then turned them right sides out.


To do this, I love to use the rubber eraser end of a pencil to pull the fabric!!!


After ironing the strips, I pinned, then stitched them to the back of the apron at the waistline.


Deciding to add a ruffle, I cut more strips of my fabric.  This time they were 3 inches wide, and I sewed the strips together so they would total twice the length of the existing hemline ( a ruffle should be 2-3 times the length of what you are attaching it to).


I ran a very long stitch (5.0) along the top edge of my ruffle strip, and I finished the bottom of the ruffle with a 3 thread surge (you could fold and stitch the bottom of the ruffle).  After marking the half and the quarters of both my apron hem and also my ruffle piece,  I pinned them right sides together at those points.  Then, by pulling my bobbin thread, I gathered the ruffle and pinned it in place.


I stitched, then I ironed.



Finally, I made a pocket out of the coordinating fabric with a small piece of the dress fabric at the top.  I sewed this at a good spot on the apron.


Here it is, the finished product.  It is ready to be worn, or to be given as a hostess gift the next time we are invited to someone’s for dinner!  If you want this cute apron, PLEASE invite my husband  and me to dinner!!!  🙂  We can even drink “foofy” drinks with paper umbrellas, and pretend we are in Hawaii!!!



Grab a dress, and convert it to a darling apron!

Happy making,


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