Easy Sweater Update

Easy Sweater Update

Our daughter has recently moved to a more northern climate, and she has requested some new sweaters before it gets much colder!  She is on a VERY tight budget, so I headed to the thrift stores to see what I could find for her.  I found a couple … well made, in good shape, and in colors I thought she might like.  This pretty purple heather cotton one has a nice tall collar, but our daughter is not fond of turtlenecks, so I decided to remove it.


I cut the collar to just an inch away from the seam where the collar meets the body of the sweater.  Then, I used the wonderful new stretchy seam binding that comes in a multitude of colors.  After carefully pinning, I used a zig-zag stitch to attach the seam binding to the sweater.  The zig-zag stitch will stretch with the binding as she takes the sweater on and off.  Here is the result …


IMG_3646 (2)


This is the look of the finished sweater …. I really hope she likes it!!!


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