Elf Legs

Elf Legs

Doesn’t Christmas time just call out to you for making crafts???  If it does, then it is time to get busy!!!  Don’t leave these fun ideas for the last minute!

A dear friend of mine had shown me photos of these Elf Legs last year, but it was too late to make them.  Since then, I have seen many uses for them on Pinterest … in your tree, on a wreath, or even in a centerpiece!  I have just finished my own pair!

Of course I didn’t run out to buy fabric, I bought cheaper items at a thrift store so that I could repurpose them!!!  Here are the shirts I started with . . .


Looking on Pinterest, I drew patterns for the two pieces I would be needing to cut.  The rectangular piece for the legs measured 16″ x 5″, and the shoe was drawn free-hand.


I pinned and cut my fabric.  I cut 2 leg pieces, and 4 shoe pieces.




Next, I did a tight zig-zag stitch (by narrowing the stitch width) around the two shoes.  I did NOT stitch along the top edge … I needed it open so that I could stuff it and attach the leg to the shoe.


I turned the shoes right side out, and stuffed them with polyfill.


Then, I folded my leg pieces in half (right sides together), and serged (or you can do a tight zig-zag) the long seam of the legs, and also put a seam along one of the short ends.



I turned the legs right side out and stuffed them with polyfill.


I wanted to be able to bend the legs, so I took a couple of clothes hangers, and cut them to use the long straight part of each hanger.


I shoved one end of the hanger down the length of the leg piece (through the stuffing) . . .


then wrapped a small rubber band around the bottom part of the fabric.


Then, I shoved the other end of the hanger into the shoe piece (through the stuffing).


Taking out my trusty fabric glue, I applied some glue along the inside of the top edges of the shoe fabric, and pressed the shoe to the leg.




As the final step, I took some pom-pom ribbon and sewed that  by hand near the top of the shoe pieces.


Elf Legs ready, but no Christmas tree yet …. so, here are the legs in a tree in our yard.  Poor Elf …. landed head first into that tree!!!!!


Then upside down in a bush by our driveway!!!!


And finally he snuck behind a large plate on a shelf in our family room!!!!  He looks more comfortable here!!!


Kind of a more “life sized” version of the Elf on a Shelf!!!

Happy Making   (for yourself or as fun gifts) !!!

Molly 🙂

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