Fashion Something Green . . . St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Fashion Something Green . . . St. Patrick’s Day!!!

EVERYONE gets to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!!!  So, get out something green, and have some fun!

I found this man’s shirt a few months ago, and it made me think of only one thing …. St. Patrick’s Day!  Married to a 50% Irishman, I HAD to buy it to show my support of this Irish Holiday!  I’ve been waiting for this moment to refashion it to my liking.


For only $4.99, who can hate life???


I decided that I would “feminize” this man’s shirt by exchanging the collar and cuffs, and doing a little fitting to the body.  I chose a fabric from my “stash” that picked up the colors of the shirt, but gave it some pizazz!  First move in the re-do was to remove the collar.


Taking a piece of tracing paper (or any kind of paper), I traced along the bottom edge of the removed collar.


Next, I needed to create the seam allowances and the shape of the “new” collar.  I decided to make a 1″ stand-up collar, which can be more feminine than the traditional folded, pointed collar.  So, from the bottom edge of the old collar, I measured 1 1/2″.  This gave me 1/4″ for both the top and bottom seams.


To create the curve on the sides of my new collar, I took a rounded ruler (use something you have that works), to create that curve.


Next, I pinned my pattern piece to my fabric and cut 2 pieces.


After pinning right sides together, I sewed 1/4″ seams only along the curved top edges.  Then, I used pinking shears to trim my seam close to the stitching.  This allowed the curve to look smooth when turning the collar right side out.  After turning, I ironed it.




Next, I inserted the new color piece where the old collar had been (1/4″), and pinned, then stitched it into place very close to the top edge of the placket.


My new collar is now completed!  How cute does that look????

Time to remove the cuffs and replace them . . .


Again, I traced the old cuffs onto tracing paper, but this time I did NOT make any changes to the shape.  I did, however, add 1/4″ seam allowances to the side and bottom edges, and 1/2″ to the top edge.


I cut 4 pieces of fabric for my 2 new cuffs.  I put right sides together and stitched them (did NOT stitch the straight top edge), then pinked the edges as before for smooth curves when turning right sides out.

DSC00528 (1)

I ironed the new cuffs, and folded in the 1/2″ on the unstitched top edge.  This created the area where I inserted the sleeve into the cuff for attaching them back together.


But, before attaching the cuff back onto the sleeve, I made buttonholes on the cuffs.


Then I inserted the sleeve into the top of the cuff, and stitched very close to the top edge of the cuff.


I followed this with stitching 1/4″ from the edge all the way around the new cuff.  This gives a very finished look to my new cuff.


After that, I determined exactly where I wanted the placement of the button on my new cuff, and I sewed on the buttons.


Then, I tried on the shirt, and decided the best way to take out a bit of the width of the manly shirt.  In this case, there was a pleat in the center back of the shirt (as you see on many men’s shirts).  When I pinned this pleat closed all the way down the back, it took out the extra fabric to make the shirt more fitted on my body.  So, I pinned and ironed the pleat in place.


Then, I stitched 1/4″ from the edge of both sides of the pleat to secure it.


All done!   You can do a similar re-do in SO many ways!!!  Use a plain shirt and add a fun collar and cuffs, change out the front placket and the pocket, take off old sleeves and replace those, etc.  Get creative and send me a photo of what you have done!!!

Not really a beer drinker, maybe I will go for a green glass of white wine!!!!  (Or maybe just green water!)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!!!!


Happy Making!



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  1. Soo cute and chic!!!! I do confess, however, to having a huge flashback to when we replaced the collars on 20 mens’ shirts for Music Man!!!

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