Flannel Pajama Pants Scarf

Flannel Pajama Pants Scarf

I LOVE scarves!  They provide cozy warmth as well as add fashion!  Wanting to add something to my new long knit vest (from my previous post), I searched for some thrift store flannel and came across these XXL pajama pants in the Men’s section. Plenty of fabric to use here!


I began by cutting them apart along each of the side seams, and removing the waistband and fly opening.


Just needing two of the long sections to create an infinity scarf, I measured two pieces, 32 inches long by 9 1/2 inches wide.  I was careful to follow the squares of the plaid so that my finished scarf would not look wonky!


I folded both of these pieces in half lengthwise, and pinned them.


Then I serged the edges (or you can sew with a regular machine).


Next, I turned one of these “tubes” right side out, and slipped that one inside the other (which was still wrong side out).  I pinned, then stitched these two “tubes together, creating one long tube.



Next came the tricky part!  I needed to pin the one end of the tube into the other end of the tube, but it is impossible to pin or sew all the way around this next seam.  So, after making sure that my scarf was straight and not twisted, I carefully put right sides together and pinned as far as I could.  (This probably only makes sense if you are trying to sew while reading these directions!)


Then I stitched as far around this circle as I could.


Now, I was left with only a small opening which I needed to hand stitch to complete this seam and finish my scarf.  I pinned the seam.


Then hand stitched it closed!  New infinity scarf complete!!!!


Now it is a colorful and cozy accent to my new long knit vest!  I am ready for the cooler weather!!!


Happy Making!

Molly  🙂



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