Go Green Coffee Filters

Go Green Coffee Filters

Nothing could be easier!!!!  This is literally a 10 minute project, and you can help save the waste of paper filters added to our landfills.  I know paper filters don’t amount to much, but every little bit helps, right?

If you make your coffee with a pour over system similar to this  . . . .

. . . then you can make 2 or 3 muslin coffee filters and never have to buy paper filters again!!!!

I grabbed a paper filter and some muslin (I had some scrap muslin for this), and drew around my paper filter.  Muslin is very cheap, and can be found at any fabric store.  I did  this on TWO layers of fabric, as I needed two pieces to make one filter.

I cut them out, then chose to use my serger to help give a little extra stability to the top edge of my filter.  You could also do this by sewing a rolled-edge on your regular machine, or you could just leave the top edge unfinished.

Next, I pinned the two pieces together.

Then, again using my serger (but you can use a regular machine for this), I stitched the two sides and the bottom together.  I clipped my threads and I was DONE!

Now my filter is ready to use for tomorrow morning’s cup of java!!!

After use, just dump out the grounds (or compost them),  rinse your muslin filter, and open it up to dry.  If, over time, it gets a bit oily from the oils in the grounds, you may use a mild dish soap to clean it.  Make sure to rinse it well after washing so that no odors are left from the soap.

Go Green!!!

Happy Making,

Molly  🙂




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