Good SCORE from a Bad Purchase!

Good SCORE from a Bad Purchase!

Confession … I have begun taking lessons to learn how to play golf (my husband LOVES the game more than life itself!!!).  Over the years I have resisted learning how to play, since 18 holes just takes too long!  Now that we are “empty-nesters,” I decided to try.  But, being the shopper I am, this all might be MORE about the cute outfits, and LESS about the game!  🙂

Well, any golfer knows that there are days when the weather changes while you are on the course.  This requires a jacket or two in your golf bag to ward off the cold wind or the drizzle (forget steady rain … I am DONE golfing if that happens)!  So, recently I purchased a basic black rain jacket over the internet, which was on sale. Because of the sale, I was unable to return it (after I realized the sleeves were WAY too short for my monkey arms)!

Off to a Goodwill I went, to purchase a nylon “rip-stop” black jacket.


I knew that I needed to add at least a few inches to the sleeves, so I marked sections on the sleeves of the thrifted jacket, both 4 inches wide.


Since the jacket had lining, I pinned on both sides of my cutting lines so that the fabric and the lining would remain intact.


Next, I cut my sleeve sections and cut off the angled ends.  I sewed the fabric and the lining together around the sides.


Before cutting my new jacket sleeve apart, I marked my cutting line, and stitched on both sides of that line.  I did this again, in order to keep the fabric and the lining together properly.


Next, I cut the jacket sleeve.


Then, I put the sections of my thrifted pieces, right sides together, and marked my seam line, making sure that my new sleeve piece was the exact same width as the seam I would be attaching it to.


The next part was rather tricky, as the sleeves were not too wide.  I pinned the thrifted sections to each of the elastic cuffs.  This photo shows where I pinned, but I pulled out the elastic, so you could see how I was attaching the pieces.


After stitching these sections together, I inserted the thrifted section (attached to the elastic) into the original sleeve as is shown below.


When this stitching was done, the jacket was finished!!!  Here is what each sleeve looked like after I added the length for my monkey arms!


And here is what the jacket looks like now, on me!  Yea…. nice long sleeves!!!


Hooray …. I salvaged a brand new, unusable jacket!  Now I will be ready for that cool wind or drizzle of rain when I am on the golf course!  You can hardly see where I inserted the extra length!!!  I am feeling pretty proud of myself!

Happy Making,

Molly 🙂


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