Hem using a Double Needle

Hem using a Double Needle

Dress  . . . not this time.  I liked this dress, and it actually fit me just about perfectly, but I thought I would get more wear out of it as a top instead.


Purchased for $2.99 … who can hate that???


So, no big deal, just cut it off and hem it, right?  WELL, there was this machine stitched hem which I wanted to imitate in my refashion.


Time for . . . the DOUBLE NEEDLE !!!

Have you seen one of these and wondered how and where you would ever use it?


I DO think that you have to have a machine which accommodates a double needle, as mine has a “Double Needle” BUTTON which I have to push to make the machine know to use both top threads.  So …. this might not work for everyone’s machines … sorry!

I decided where to cut the dress.


Next, I serged the bottom edge to keep it from stretching as I sewed my new hem.


Then I ironed up about 5/8 inch of hem to the underside.


I removed my single needle and inserted the double needle.  Then, following the instructions in my sewing machine manual, I pushed the button for the “Double Needle,” threaded two spools of top thread, and threaded them through both needles.  Only one regular bobbin is necessary.  I then stitched my new hem . . . . . .  SO EASY!!!!


Final step was to iron the new hem so it lay smoothly!  That’s all there was to this DOUBLE NEEDLE project!


Here is the finished shirt …. $2.99, about 45 minutes of my time, and a complete sense of satisfaction!!!


Happy Making!!!




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  1. Looks fabulous! So nice to see how to make the most of sewing machine attachments–will certainly give this a try!

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