Holiday Skirt

Holiday Skirt

My daughter and I went thrifting on Black Friday … there was even 20% off at the thrift store … and she found this festive red skirt for $16 ( that’s $13 out the door)!  It fit her perfectly, but we could tell that it would benefit from a little help.



She’s looking a bit dowdy, don’t you agree????   (Of course, the socks don’t help!!!)

Waist was too high, and length too long, but if you look closely, the fabric has a very pretty, subtle pattern in the weave.  In the photo below, you can see that there was a piece added above the regular waistband …. this needed to go so that she doesn’t look so short-waisted.


First step … remove that piece above the regular waistband.


Next, stitch along the very top of the original waistband to re-attach the skirt to the facing. Because the zipper had zipped all the way to the top of the additional piece on the waistband, I had extra zipper above my new waistband.   I left the zipper intact, and just folded over the zipper and sewed it inside between the skirt and the facing.


Two inches needed to come off the length, so I let out the old hem and cut off two inches.


To keep the fabric from raveling, I zig-zagged the bottom edge of the skirt after cutting.


To shorten the lining, I cut an inch from the original hem, then ironed up 1/2 inch.  Then, I went around again and ironed up another 1/2 inch. (Total of one inch.)   If you catch my math here, this actually took the lining hem up a total of two inches.





I stitched the hem of the lining in place on the machine.


Finally, I pinned up the hem of the skirt, then ironed, and then stitched the hem by hand.  Sorry, I forgot to take a couple of photos here. 🙁


Final step, I had my daughter put the skirt back on.  She’s ready for a fun holiday party!!!!  BRING ON THE HOLIDAYS!!!!






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