How to easily make a Tulle Skirt

How to easily make a Tulle Skirt

You’ve seen them all over Pinterest . . . . the feminine tulle skirts that are all the RAGE!




Skirts like these can be LOTS of work, using LOTS of fabric if you are to start from scratch making one.  So, the “Refashion Fairy” purchased a couple of dresses and created one with a WHOLE lot less effort (and cost)!!!

Dress #1 . . . $5.99DSC00115

Dress #2 . . . $6.99DSC00112

In a nutshell . . . cut the dresses apart at the waist, attach them both together, then add an elastic waistband!


Here are the steps that I took to achieve this result.

Cut apart the dresses . . . DSC00116


Separate the top completely from the bottom . . . IMG_4334


The plain black dress I purchased for the outside (it had a soft black tulle for the outside of the skirt),  and the lace black dress I purchased for the inside (it had a thicker layer of tulle for added fullness).

Fortunately, both skirts were even in their circumference, so I was able to pin them perfectly together at the top.  (If not, I would have had to gather the larger skirt to fit the smaller one.)  BUT, the skirt was NOT going to be able to come over the hips with just an elastic waistband, so I left the zipper in the outside skirt from the original dress.

Sew the skirts together at the top.


As I was making this skirt for my daughter, I cut the length of elastic that would be needed to fit comfortably at her waist (this is usually about 2 inches less than the waist measurement).  I marked the skirt and the elastic at equal fourths, then I pinned the elastic to the wrong side of the top of the skirt.


Then, stretching the elastic as I sewed, I attached the elastic to the skirt.


The final step was to add a couple of hooks and eyes to the elastic waistband (folding over the ends of the elastic).


Voila!!!!  A $12.98 skirt!



Try this with some dresses you find, and let me know how your tulle skirt turns out!!!!

Happy Making,


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