Huge White Ceremonial Bow

Huge White Ceremonial Bow

A good friend of mine owns a marketing company, and recently asked me to make a very large bow for a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Having never done this before, I was a bit hesitant, but she fortunately had a previously used bow which she allowed me to take apart and use as an example.  Here’s a photo of the old bow . .


In this photo, there is still some bubble wrap stuffed inside to keep the bow a bit puffy when not in use.  However, the bow itself was basically created without much dimension.  It measures about 3 feet in diameter, and has long streamers on each side for people to hold during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

I took this bow apart in order to make pattern pieces of the three different sized sections I needed to make.  Each section looked like this . . .


I made my pattern pieces, measured the amount of fabric I would need, then headed to JoAnn Fabrics.  I purchased 10 yards of white Sport Nylon, as I was to make the new bow white on the outside and lined with white as well.

I REALLY wanted to give my bow some dimension, so after scouring hardware stores, I decided to use 48″ and 36″ zip ties, which bend nicely, and will not squish in storage.  So, after I had made my sections of the bow, I made casings along both sides and inserted the zip ties in the casings.  But, after doing this, I realized that each section needed support along the width.  So, I then sewed some bias tape on the underside of the width to create a casing for additional pieces of zip tie.  Here is a photo to show the dimension I was able to create . . .


The circular center of the bow wanted to pop up too high, so I stuffed a bit of tulle in the middle , but sewed the sides together to give it the right amount of height.  See here . . .


The entire bow was then stapled onto a 24′ x 24″ piece of plywood.  Some plastic handles were attached to the back (this is so that someone can hold it up easily), and the streamers were added to the sides.  On one side, I was instructed to attach a piece of velcro to the streamer, so that the streamer could be “cut,” yet be used again for additional ceremonies.  This velcro was placed about 3 1/2 feet from the side of the bow.  Here’s the finished product at my home . . .


And, here is the bow in all it’s glory at the ribbon cutting ceremony!!!


Time to “CUT” that ribbon!


This was really an engineering challenge for me, but a super fun project, which turned out beautifully!

Thanks to my friend, Betsy, who entrusted me with this project!  🙂

You too, can take on and complete the sewing challenges you face!

Happy making,

Molly 🙂




4 thoughts on “Huge White Ceremonial Bow

  1. Molly — you did a remarkable job on this project. Thanks so much for sharing your talents — my clients were delighted! Betsy

    1. Thanks, Betsy! So glad it all turned out so well! What an exciting new facility for our city to have!!! Thanks again for letting me help!

  2. Love the bow–the ribbon-cutting picture really gives you the proper perspective on how gigantic the bow is–bravo!!!!

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