Just “Change it Up!”

Just “Change it Up!”

Only $3.99 for this sweater, but check out the OVERSIZED collar!!!  UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Time for a slight transformation!

After playing around with several possible ideas, I decided that the cutest thing was to just sew the collar, and then kind of create a turtleneck out of it.

I began by folding the collar exactly in half.  This placed the outside edge of the collar even with the seam where the body of the sweater met the base of the collar.

Here’s a closer look.

I hand sewed the collar into place.

Then, lapping one part of the collar over the other, I determined where I needed a large black snap.  I sewed the snap into place on both halves of the collar.

And this is what I have now . . . . a small nod to the popular asymmetrical look of 2017!!!

Better look, don’t you agree????

Happy Making!

Molly 🙂



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