Kentucky Derby Party!

Kentucky Derby Party!

Saturday . . . the running of the Kentucky Derby!  We went over to the home of some great friends to watch the Derby, and we were asked to dress the part.  For women, this translates to a dress, and the all important DERBY HAT!

I began with a damaged (never worn) dress (still had tags on it).  I could tell that I could fix the damage, so I picked up the dress for $4.99.

Looking at the length, I realized it was going to be too short, so I luckily found another dress out of the same stretchy polyester.  The polka dots on this dress would work perfectly with the original dress.  This dress only cost me $1.99.  Score!!!

One of the straps on the dress had come unstitched, and the chain had fallen.

So, I put the two pieces of the spaghetti strap back together at the length to match the other strap (putting one strap inside the other).

Then, I hand-stitched them.

Working the chain back into place, I then got out some small pliers and re-attched the links.

The only other thing I needed to do was to add some length to the dress.  I placed the polka dot dress below my Derby dress.

I took a long ruler, and marked the extension of the line down the side of the dress.  This allowed the piece of added length to continue the same line. (You can see that there it a slight flare to the dress.)  I cut the sides just outside that line, adding 1/4 inch on each side for my seams (which I knew I would be serging).

Next, I cut right below the hemline of the Derby dress, cutting a piece longer than I needed.  I then measured 4 1/2 inches for the added length.

I cut at the 4 1/2 inch line, creating my extension piece.

I serged the two side seams of the hem extension.

Next, I placed the hem extension piece (right sides together) near the bottom of the dress.  As you can see in the photo below, I pinned the extension piece about 1/2 inch above the actual hem of the Derby dress. This was to avoid having the original hem of the Derby dress show.

I then serged these pieces together, then ironed the seam.

The dress was done, and looked like this.

Time for the hat!  I bought a basic straw hat at Target for $5.00, then went to Michael’s and picked up some fun feathers and flowers totaling about $18.00.  I had some green grosgrain ribbon at my house, and I got my glue gun warmed up and ready for use.

After removing the original thin black band on the hat (and the glue left behind), I glued my green grosgrain ribbon as a band around the base of the hat.

Then, I spent quite a bit of time playing around with how I wanted my roses and feathers to group together.  When I made some decisions, I used the hot glue gun to secure the items to each other.

When I was done gluing them together, I then securely glued the whole bunch to the side of the hat.

I then took a piece of black tulle fabric (which I had).  It was about 8 inches in width.  I folded it in half and made a pretty bow.

I glued the bow to the back of the hat, then wove the tulle in and out of the feathers and flowers, and also glued that in place.  This added a softness, and also hid my glue from sight …. perfect!!!!

Off to the Derby party I went!  The horse I picked did NOT win, but we had a great time with our fun friends!!!

Sorry, there is a semi-circular yard piece behind my head which is NOT part of my hat …. oops!

A hat can really MAKE an outfit … give it a try!!!  Hot glue guns can be SO much fun!

Happy Making!

Molly  🙂

6 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Party!

  1. You have a great eye for fashion. Obviously you could “see” the finished product before you started. The outfit is great and you look fabulous in it!

    1. Thank you! This one worked …. sadly, not all of them do. But the beauty of refashioning is that I don’t spend much on the items! 🙂

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