Mend and Save!!!  #1

Mend and Save!!! #1

Yes, this is coming from a seamstress, but EVERYONE should know how to mend!  Mending can be done by hand or on a sewing machine, and is invaluable to anyone who owns clothes!  Hopefully, that is ALL of us!

My topic for these next few posts are ….”Why to mend?”

You might (probably) own some pieces which just need a button stitched back on, a small hole in a seam repaired, or possibly a few stitches added to make something lay better.  I am CONSTANTLY amazed by how many pieces I find at thrift stores which ONLY need a bit of mending love to bring them back to life!!!!  This screams to me that people do NOT know how to even do simple mending anymore!  Let me show you a few tricks which can help you save or rescue these pieces!

Take this knit jacket for my first example.

As you can see, I picked up this piece for only 99 cents!

The size fit me well, and the sleeves were long enough, but the insides of the lapels were rather wonky!

After washing and hanging it to dry, I began by giving the whole jacket a good ironing.

This alone helped a lot!

Then, I pinned the lapels in place.

I got out some matching thread, a needle, and my wax.  You run your thread across the wax to help keep your thread from tangling as you hand sew.  It will sometimes leave a little wax residue at first, but this will brush away.

I carefully hand sewed along the edge of the lapel, catching only a few threads each time of the front of the jacket.  You do NOT want your stitches to be seen on the outside!

After this was completed on both lapels, I hung my jacket on a hanger and folded the lapels neatly into place on the outside of the jacket.

I gave this a quick hit with the iron, then put a small stitch just underneath the triangular point of each lapel to hold them in place permanently.

The final step in resurrecting this piece was to remove a few “pills” on the sweater that had formed under the armpit area.  To do this, I used my Dritz Sweater Comb (found at JoAnn Fabrics and other sewing centers).  I ran the comb over the pills to remove them, and this made the sweater look new again!

With just a little sewing love, this jacket has a new life in my wardrobe!!!

Here it is …. I kept the scarf in my hands so you could see how neatly the lapels lay now!

Rescue some wonky pieces, and show me what you can save!

Happy Making!

Molly  🙂





2 thoughts on “Mend and Save!!! #1

  1. Molly – you never cease to amaze me!! I just showed my husband this latest post and all he could say was “Wow” over and over again!!! I have always meant to post something about your extremely creative projects…. Even though this is simpler, the ‘before and after ‘ is just astonishing!!!! Really enjoyed this one!

    1. Connie, It is wonderful to hear from you, and I am glad you and your husband appreciate the simple changes to that jacket. I am really glad to know when I am able to teach someone something! 🙂

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