Mend and Save!  #2

Mend and Save! #2

Item #2 for my mending series is a very basic black St. John skirt.

For those of you who are familiar with St. John, it is unheard of to get a piece from this designer for just 99 cents!!!!

The reason …… a very large whole right along the seam line!!!  (Pity the person who paid full price, then had this seam split!!!)  My good fortune!!!!

For this repair, I opted to use my serger, but you could use a regular sewing machine with a tight zig-zag stitch with basically the same results.  I just pinned, then sewed along the seam line to mend the gaping hole (removing my pins as I serged).

On the inside of the skirt, along the same seam line, the waistband needed repair as well.  This I needed to do with a needle and thread by hand sewing.

So, I took out my needle, some strong black Button and Craft thread (for extra strength at the waistband), and my trusty wax.

I ran my thread along the wax to prevent tangling, and did a few whipstitches along the seam to close it back up.

My seam was then properly closed.

I gave the skirt a quick shot of steam from my iron along the newly sewn side seam, and it was ready for wearing!  Such an EASY and QUICK couple of fixes for a gorgeous, basic black skirt!!!  Stretch knit, so VERY comfy too!!!

Happy Making!

Molly  🙂




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