Mend and Save!  #4

Mend and Save! #4

My final piece in this “Mend and Save!” series is a darling dressy cardigan.  It is made of stretchy velvet with a faux fur collar.  If you are like me, you probably have numerous black dresses (or skirts) in your wardrobe, and often need some kind of dressy wrap to wear (as women tend to be cold, and we end up wearing sleeveless dresses!!!).  This piece will solve that problem for me on those dressier occasions.

As you can see, I picked up this one for just $2.99, which is such a bargain for a piece so useful!

This is a VERY simple and quick mending job, which again made a nice difference in how the cardigan laid when I put it on.  Before the stitching, the facings of both sides down the front kept wanting to stick out.

I put the facings neatly in place and pinned.

Then, I carefully hand sewed along the edge of each facing, catching only a couple of threads on the inside of the front of the sweater.  You do NOT want to see your stitching on the outside of the sweater!!!

My 15 minutes of pinning and stitching has given a new life to this darling, dressy sweater!!!  Again ….. it was only $2.99!!!!!

Not the best photo here, but I put it on with my St. John skirt from “Mend and Save! #2.”

Happy Making!

Molly 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mend and Save! #4

  1. Thanks for all the mending tips. My mom taught me to sew many years ago and it’s been one of the best skills she taught me. I have mended many items over the years and saved so much money by doing my own mending. Thanks for all your great sewing ideas! You inspire me every time I read your emails! Keep them coming!!

    1. Paige, It is WONDERFUL to hear from followers out there ….. thanks SO much for responding!!! How great of your mom to teach you such an invaluable skill. As I have said, WAY too many people have no idea even how to sew on a button … very sad. Glad you use your skills, and very happy that I am able to inspire you! 🙂

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