Metallic Challenge — Take 2

Metallic Challenge — Take 2

As I mentioned in my previous metallic challenge post, you can find LOTS of metallic items at the thrift stores!  Usually when beginning my attempt at the challenges, I scour the stores and bring home TOO many items!!!  Until I get them home and washed, and contemplate how to use them, I am never quite sure which one(s) I will actually be using for my re-do.

Here was another metallic dress I brought home …cost was $6.99 for this metallic gold formal dress.  Believe it or not, I threw this sucker right into the WASHER and into the dryer for a short time!!!


It took me a few cuts to get to the spot on the dress where I wanted to create my skirt.



By then, the skirt looked like this . . .


At that point, I stitched along the top of the skirt to hold the ruffle in place how I wanted it.


Then I took my gold metallic thread . . .


and some gold metallic elastic,


and sewed them together, creating a waistband 2 inches LESS than the measurement of my waist.  This should be a comfortable amount of stretch for most people.


I placed this waistband, right sides together with the top of my skirt, and pinned.  In doing this, you will need to mark 4 equal increments on both the top of your skirt, and also on your elastic waistband.  These usually are your two side seams, and the center front, and center back of your skirt.  You will be needing to STRETCH your elastic when sewing to match up with these four markings.


At that point, I decided to also make a sash.  So, I took apart the top section of the dress, which I had cut off earlier.  With all the overlapping of fabric, it gave me enough length for my sash.


I squared up a long rectangle for the sash, and decided to interface the main area around my waist.  (This gives the sash the stability to stay flat around my waist, yet be soft and floppy where I tie the bow.)  I measured and cut my interfacing for that section.  Then, I ironed the interfacing in place.


I folded the sash, right sides together, and stitched … leaving about a 5 inch opening where I will be able to turn it right side out.


When turning things like this right side out, I tend to use a pencil eraser to help grab my fabric.  Insert the eraser into the opening, press it against the right side of your fabric, and pull your pencil out, while applying pressure to the fabric.


After turning, I ironed my sash, then hand stitched the 5 inch opening closed.


Here’s my new skirt  and sash . . . very comfy, and ready for a night on the town!!!


For those of you who have been following my posts, you will notice that I am wearing the top I made from the velvet challenge!  I like the way the asymmetrical top goes with my new asymmetrical metallic skirt!

Happy making!

Molly 🙂



6 thoughts on “Metallic Challenge — Take 2

  1. Just lovely. I am watching and learning at the moment until I get enough courage to take the scissors to some favourite but poor fitting items in my wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your method.

    1. Barbara,
      No harm in trying … if the items don’t fit you anyway then you have NOTHING to lose! Jump in and give it a try! Best of luck!

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