Mrs. Claus’ Skirt

Mrs. Claus’ Skirt

Recently, I saw a post about refashioning a golf shirt into a skirt, so I was perusing the golf shirt and knit shirt isle of the thrift store one day, and came upon this shirt.  It just SCREAMED  SANTA CLAUS  to me!!!  


For $2.99, it was all mine!


To turn a golf type shirt (or in this case a Rugby type shirt) into a skirt, you have to picture turning the shirt upside down.  This puts the hem of the shirt at your waistline, and the bottom of the skirt is going to have a “kick pleat” by utilizing the front placket opening.  If you can’t picture that just yet, follow along ….

The shirt was a size Medium, so I wanted to keep all the width I could get.  I measured along the side of the shirt, and drew a line along the sleeve.  I knew I was going to need to use some of the sleeve for part of the skirt.


I cut off the part of the sleeves I did not need.


Next, I measured up from the hem of the shirt to as far as I could go just below the collar.  My goal here was to eliminate the collar, but retain as much of the placket as I could.  So I measured this determined distance up from the hem along the front of the shirt.


Then, I drew the straight line across the front depicting where I would make my straight cut.


Then, I cut off the top of the shirt along this line.


I turned the shirt inside out, and I drew a line to show where I will stitch through those sleeves I had cut. This line is an extension of the existing side seam line.


I serged this seam, but you could use a regular sewing machine for this.


Next, I needed to determine the length of the skirt.  So, I put the skirt on, with the original hem of the shirt at my waist.  It was creating a skirt which was too long, so I determined that I would remove 4 inches.


I measured, then cut.


Then I serged the new raw edge of the bottom of my skirt, but you could just zig-zag on a regular machine.


Then, I turned up about 1/2″ to create a small hem.  I pinned, ironed, then stitched this new hem.



Last thing to do was to add the elastic at the waist.  Of course, to look like a Santa skirt, the elastic HAD to be black.  I measured the length that I would need …. this is what feels comfortable around your waist, but is tight enough to keep the skirt sitting where you want it to sit.  I cut the elastic and sewed the ends together.  Measuring my elastic and my skirt each into 4 equal parts, I pinned the elastic to the top of the skirt, right sides together.  When pinning these together, I had to stretch the elastic to fit the skirt.  I pinned frequently, then stretched the elastic as I serged them together, and removed pins as I sewed along.



I ironed my new skirt.


This is what the “sleeve” parts look like at the bottom of the side seams … you can hardly tell they are there!!!


Here’s a back view of the “kick pleat” created by the front placket …..

IMG_4062 (1)

Then, I added a large patent leather “Santa” belt and a Santa necklace.  Now I am ready for a fun holiday party!!!!  Look out, here comes Mrs. Claus!!!

IMG_4075 (1)

Ok, so then I had to add the funny Christmas vest, just in case I will be going to some tacky Christmas party !  Wanted to wear a Santa hat too, but I recently gave those away to our kids ….. bummer!

IMG_4070 (1)

PARTY ON !!!!!!   Merry Christmas to Santa and Mrs. Claus!!!

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