Plaid Shirt ….. Options!

Plaid Shirt ….. Options!

Old shirt …. new options!  I bought this shirt last year, but haven’t worn it much because it just doesn’t create my best look.  You know how that is when you buy something that looked SO CUTE on someone else, on some model, or in a photo, and it just doesn’t look the way you wanted it to on your own body!!!  Well, this was one of those purchases!  Time to re-fashion!

So, you have seen my two dogs on the front of my blog.  They are called Vizslas, and are a hunting breed originating from Hungary.  Mine do not hunt, but are the most goofy but loving dogs who love to snuggle (all vizslas think they are lap dogs).  This blog features a shirt refashion which is meant to go with my new Vizsla sweater!!!


I loved the plaid of the shirt, but the sleeves were too short.  There were also pockets on the sides and at the chest (which I do not need), and it really didn’t look great with or without a belt …. so …… it was time to dismember this thing!!!


Deciding that I would make a scarf from the bottom part, and a dickie from the top part, I cut just below the first 4 buttons of the shirt.


Next, I removed the sleeves, then serged the armholes and the bottom edge of my new “midriff” type top.


I decided also to sew the pockets closed at the chest area and remove them, so there was less bulk.




The top now being done, I went to work on creating an infinity scarf out of what material I had left.  Obviously, I had a big section from the bottom of the original long shirt, but there were some side pockets I first needed to remove.


After removing the pockets, I sewed the side seams closed where the pockets had been.


I also needed the fabric from the sleeves for additional length for the scarf.  So, I cut the sleeves along the underarm seam and removed the cuff area which was unusable.


After creating usable rectangles from the sleeves, I sewed those pieces to the lower part of the shirt.


Using a straight edge, I cut a long rectangle 52 inches long and 12 inches wide for my infinity scarf.  Even though the plaid looked really jumbled at this point, I was hoping that when wound around my neck, the seams would be less noticeable!   I was right!


Then, I folded my scarf in half along the long length, right sides together, and stitched that long seam.


I turned the scarf right side out.


Next came the tricky part …. I had to take the two rather small circular openings and pin them together, right sides together.  I could not pin the whole way around the circle, but I pinned, then sewed, as far as I could.



Finally, I pinned, then sewed by hand, the remainder of that seam.


Now I have two options to wear with my Vizsla sweater …. either the scarf or the dickie!


Fantastic way to put an unloved shirt into great use (even beyond my Vizsla sweater)!!!

Here’s the look with the dickie and Louie . . .


And here’s the look with the infinity scarf and Burnie!!!

Scarf vs. Collar

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