Polka Dots, Polka Dots!!!

Polka Dots, Polka Dots!!!

Everywhere you look ….polka dots!!!  Different colors, different sizes, different articles of clothing, but polka dots have been around for generations!  Peek at Pinterest, and you will find them by the thousands …. on clothing, home decorations, crafts, etc.

When I found this sweater in black and white polka dot, I could tell that it had potential for a fun refashion!

But, it started as a Size XXXL ….. not quite my size!


For all of $3.99 and in great shape, I made the purchase.


Here I am in this lovely, oversized wonder!


Now, you can see that the neck was scooped (fortunately not too low), so I did not bother to change the neckline.  Also, the sleeves were nice and long (for my long arms), so I did not change those either.  (Sorry …. end of arms did not make it into this selfie! )  The shoulder seams ended up staying lower than my actual shoulder, but with the polka dot pattern, you cannot notice.

I pinned along the sides and along the arms, then marked on the inside of the sweater where I would be sewing my new seams.


This is what it looked like under the armholes . . . . . I didn’t need to take in as much along the arms as I did in the body of the sweater.


Then I serged my seams (but, as always, you can sew on a regular machine).  I LOVE my serger for projects like these, as I can sew the seam and finish the edge all in one fell swoop!!!!  Also, sergers are great for knitted and stretchy fabrics because the seams have some stretch to them.


In order to finish my seams neatly, I run a “tail” of thread after finishing the seam on the serger.  I thread that “tail” into a very large embroidery needle.  Then, I run that needle back inside the seam about an inch, then cut off my thread.  This keeps the serged threads from raveling at the ends of my seams.


After achieving the perfect fit down the sides and along the arms, all that was left to do was to iron the seams.


Here’s the final look . . . . .  I’m feeling pretty smug (and warm) in my $3.99 sweater!!!







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  1. Hello my friend! Love your blog–have now read all of it–wonderful creativity!! Can hardly wait to sew again with you!!!!

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