Quick Santa Skirt

Quick Santa Skirt

Here is a very quick repurpose I made this week to wear to a Christmas party. This project took me less than an hour from start to finish.

I started with this dress I had found at a thrift store this summer.  It looked perfect for my Santa Skirt, so I had washed it and saved it until now.

Deciding where to cut it, I put my scissors to use.

As you can see, the hips were a bit defined, and didn’t quite fit my shape.  So, I took out my French Curve and my purple disappearing pen and marked where I would need to sew to eliminate the extra curve.

I serged this new seam on both sides.

Then ironed to smooth out the seams.

Then, I cut a piece of black, wide waistband elastic 2 inches LESS than the circumference of my actual waist.  I sewed the ends of the elastic together to make it one large circle.

I marked this elastic circle in quarters (at the seam, at the half, then halfway between each of those marks).  Then, I did the same in marking the top of the skirt …. marking in equal quarters.  I pinned the right side of the elastic to the right side of the skirt at these points.

Then, while stretching the elastic to match the width of the skirt, I pinned the elastic several times between each of my previous pins.

Finally, stretching just enough to keep from getting puckers, I serged the elastic to the top of the skirt.

That’s all there was to it!!!!  My new Santa Skirt was now complete and ready to wear!

Off I went to our Christmas Party!

Happy Making!!!

Molly 🙂

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