Remove and Replace!

Remove and Replace!

Columbia makes GREAT quality jackets, and their sleeves are nice and long!  I happened upon this purple polartec a while back, and it fit me beautifully!

I scored this one for just $8 … heck of a price for a Columbia!

The problem was …………………this big embroidered logo!!!

I decided to try my hand at removing one of these, and here’s what I came up with for a solution.

First step was to carefully remove the white stabilizer and all of the very tight stitching.

Messy job, but most of it came off really well.  Despite my carefulness, I was left with several small holes …. bummer.

So, I made a trip to our local JoAnn Fabrics, and purchased the fabric which was the closest in purple color.  Unfortunately, this was a PRINT fabric (can you say “Frozen!”).

There were some plain sections of the purple (not big enough), so I cut out two of these sections to put behind my removed logo.

Wanting to attach this fabric to the inside of the jacket without stitching, I got out my Wonder Under, which is a two sided iron-on adhesive.

I cut a piece of Wonder Under just larger than the two purple pieces, and ironed (butting the purple pieces together).

I cut around the Wonder Under to remove the excess.

Then I peeled back the paper on the other side of the Wonder Under to expose the second adhesive side.

Then ironed again.

The inside of my jacket looked like this.

The holes on the front were filled in with almost matching fabric, but you could still see the outline of the embroidery.

So, I rummaged through my stash of saved/discarded items, and found some fabric flowers which I had removed from a refashioned skirt.  They were black, so they matched the Columbia logo on the front of the jacket (on the other lapel).  I placed and pinned them over the area.

I hand stitched them into place, and then decided to add some purple beads to the centers of the flowers for accent.

Since no one in our house has ever been a “Camel,” I am glad to have a new purple polartec without that big logo!!!

Happy Making!

Molly  🙂







6 thoughts on “Remove and Replace!

    1. Thanks again, Connie! There are SO many logo clothes at thrift stores that are hardly worn. Need to figure out what to do with more of them. 🙂

  1. You had great patience while removing that logo. I have had absolutely no luck with that…creating holes no matter how careful that I am. Your applique choice as a cover-up looks great 🙂

    1. Do you mean the Frozen fabric? I didn’t buy much …. just what I needed to get a couple of cuts of the purple. Don’t plan to use the rest, as my kids are grown and I don’t have grandkids yet.

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