Retro Spool Box

Retro Spool Box

Posts listed under my INSPIRATIONS category will be quick examples of re-purposing I have done over the past several years.  Since I didn’t record everything for blogging purposes, I will just show you photos for some quick inspiration, along with some basic descriptions.  Enjoy!!!!Bought this old Coca-Cola box at a local antique store, for I think $14, if I remember correctly.  First I vacuumed out the dust I could see, then wiped it well with a damp rag.




Then, I bought some acrylic paint for inside the cubbies, and painted those.



Wanting to put thread spools in my box, I wanted a better back to the box than it had.  So, I took a piece of burlap and just cut it (putting Fray-Check on the edges), and then nailed it to the back of the box.




Here’s the box now, as it sits in my sewing room …. functional, retro, and re-purposed!!!  Colorful and fun!


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