Riverside Blue Challenge

Riverside Blue Challenge

The final challenge for the Refashion Runway (sponsored by The Renegade Seamstress) is the Pantone Blue color called “Riverside.”  It falls very much into the category of faded denim, so I took this direction when completing this assignment.  I have made several pieces for this challenge, but I will be posting some of the items separately.

Let’s start with the top of my outfit.  I found a denim’ish tank and a lace top which both fit me perfectly.  (Tank was $0.99, and top was $3.99)



Then I found this sheer print top for $0.99, which had some Riverside Blue in the pattern.


I began by cutting apart the sheer top to begin making a scarf.


To get as much usable material as possible, I opened up some darts in the body, and then I cut off the plackets on the front.  I finally achieved a fairly large rectangle.


I folded the rectangle, pinned, and stitched.


Still wanting more length, I cut the cuffs from the sleeves.


I needed to narrow the scarf a little to match the width of the cuffs.


After narrowing, I pinned and sewed a cuff to each end of my scarf.


This created a fun look, and different from the usual scarf!!!


The only other change I made for my top half was to change out the buttons on the lace shirt.  These buttons I had found were larger than the original buttons on the top.  But, since I did not need to unbutton the top to get it over my head, I just sewed the buttons to the top where they belonged.


Here’s the final look of some of my Riverside Blue . . . Cute, very little cost, and not much work!!!



Happy Making !

Molly 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Kelli! I have had such fun sewing along, and very challenged each week! This kind of thing really stretches the imagination!

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