Riverside Blue –“Distressing” Jeans

Riverside Blue –“Distressing” Jeans

I continue my posts for the Refashion Runway challenge (sponsored by The Renegade Seamstress) for the Pantone color called Riverside Blue.  Seeing this color as “faded denim,” I decided to try my hand at “distressing” some jeans.  I have read about this, but never tried it.  I found some cheap jeans for $1.99 that ALMOST fit me perfectly.


For the fit, all I needed to do was add some darts in the back to remove the excess in the waistband.  I removed the tag on the outside, which was where I needed to place one of my darts.

IMG_5957 (1)

Then I marked my darts on the inside, and stitched them.

IMG_5961 (1)

This did the trick!!!  (Pardon the rear end photo! )

IMG_5962 (1)

Now, for the “distressing” part.  First, I marked the knee area with my purple disappearing pen, since I wanted to hit this area the hardest.  Then I gathered my “tools.”  These were:  a cheese grater, a microplaner, and some 40 Grit sandpaper.

I found it easiest to actually put the jeans ON and scrape the fabric where needed, but I did some rubbing while the jeans were on the floor as well.  Not only did I hit the knee area, I rubbed them pretty much everywhere to create softness, and then the seams and hem for the look of additional wear.  Messy job, but that was FUN!!!!

IMG_5965 (1)

You could certainly take this process further, but I am not really a “ratty” jean wearer, so I stopped with a “worn in” look.

They fit great, and are now soft and comfortable!!!

DSC01080 (1)




Take some old jeans (or buy some cheap new ones) and try “distressing” them!!!  You can create almost any look you want!

Happy Making!

Molly 🙂


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