Riverside Blue — Men’s Shirt Refashion

Riverside Blue — Men’s Shirt Refashion

This is the continuation of my posting for the Refashion Runway (sponsored by The Renegade Seamstress) challenge for one of this Fall’s season of Pantone colors called Riverside Blue.  In collecting items for this challenge, I came across a men’s shirt in XL.  That Riverside color HAS to be in this plaid somewhere!!!!  🙂


I needed to resize the body of the shirt and narrow the sleeves, so I began by removing the sleeves.


I put the body of the shirt on both my dress form and my own body, and established the amount and the curve of my new seams.


I pinned and stitched a couple of times before I was happy with the fit.


Next, I removed the pocket on the front.


Then, I narrowed the sleeves.


The next step was the trickiest … using my French Curve, I “measured” the newly fitted sleeve.  In this case, when lining up my curve, I get a measurement of 9 1/2 inches (starting at 19 and ending at 9 1/2).


Then, taking the French Curve to the newly fitted bodice, I rotated the curve from under the armpit to the new point at which I wanted my should seam to be, making sure to achieve that 9 1/2 inch measurement so that the sleeve will fit the bodice.  In this case, my measurement went from 21 to 12 1/2, and I have replicated the same curve which was on the shirt originally.   (French Curves are wonderful to have in cases like this, and can be bought at most sewing centers.)


I pinned the sleeves into the armholes, right sides together. (MAKE SURE to keep the RIGHT sleeve on the right side of the bodice and the LEFT sleeve on the left side of the bodice …. sounds stupid, but how many of us have reversed this, and realized much later what we had done???)


The sleeves hung a little long at the cuff, so I moved over the button to tighten the cuff.


Final step was to remove the original button down collar.


Then just topstitch the stand-up part of the collar back together for a more feminine look.



The final product is shown with my “Distressed” Jeans from my previous post.  Casual and comfortable … ready for Fall !!!




Happy Making!

Molly 🙂




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