Riverside Blue –” Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (Skirt)

Riverside Blue –” Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (Skirt)

This is my final post for the Riverside Blue color challenge for Refashion Runway, sponsored by The Renegade Seamstress.  The Pantone color of Riverside Blue is very similar to faded denim, so I made a casual purse from a skirt I found for $3.99.


I went into my stash of extra fabrics, and found some cute quilted fabric. I had just enough to make the lining of the purse (except for the pocket, as you will see shortly).  I layed the fabric under my skirt, and cut the same shape as the skirt, allowing some extra at the top to turn under.  You cannot see in this photo, but the fabric is folded at the bottom, right under the hem of the skirt.

IMG_5968 (1)

Next, I took some black quilted fabric (since I didn’t have any more of the print), and drafted a pocket piece for inside the purse.

IMG_5970 (1)

Using my iron, I turned under the edges on all 4 sides of my pocket piece.

IMG_5972 (1)

I made a 1/4″ stitching line around all four sides.

IMG_5973 (1)

Then, I trimmed close to my stitching.


Next, I pinned and stitched this piece to the lining of the purse, along the sides and bottom, then stitched a vertical seam to create two pockets.

IMG_5977 (1)

Using my serger (or you can use a regular sewing machine), I serged the lining of my purse along the sides, and then the bottom of the skirt.

IMG_5979 (1)

IMG_5980 (1)

Then, to create a “box” for the bottom of my purse, I took the bottom corner of the hem of the skirt, and folded it like below, creating a triangle.  I measured 2 1/2 inches from the point and marked a straight line across the triangle.

IMG_5981 (1)

I stitched this seam, then serged it to eliminate the bulk.  I did this on both sides.

IMG_5982 (1)

IMG_5983 (1)

Then I did the same with both of the corners on the bottom of the lining.

IMG_5984 (1)

IMG_5985 (1)

Since the pockets on the original jean skirt were not too deep, the lining sometimes wanted to peek out.  To stop this once and for all, I sew those darn pockets closed!

IMG_5986 (1)

IMG_5987 (1)

I found a denim sash in my “refashion stash” which I cut in half and sewed to the top of each side for purse straps.

IMG_5989 (1)

Lastly, I inserted the lining into the body of the purse, carefully folded over the top edges, pinned, then stitched.

IMG_5988 (1)

Time for a look at the final product  . . . The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Skirt) !!!!  Take this purse and GO!!!!!

IMG_5990 (1)


In this photo, I removed my scarf and tied it through the belt loops on the purse!



Join my “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and show me what you create!!!

Happy Making!

Molly 🙂







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