Scarf to Vest

Scarf to Vest

I found this really artistic scarf at the thrift store, and grabbed it on 25% off day.  Check it out!

The tag says $2.99, but I really got it for $2.24!

It was an infinity scarf, when flat, looked like this.

It had a tear along the seam.

But, that did not matter, since I began by cutting the scarf along that seam to open it up.

I cut up both sides of that seam to remove the old seam completely.

Since the fabric was SO thin, I decided that using my “rolled hem” foot was not a good option to finish off the newly created raw edges.

I folded the raw edge about 1/4 inch, and ironed.

Then, I folded again about 1/4 inch, and ironed once more.

Using my regular sewing machine, I then sewed these folded edges.  This finished off the raw edges nicely.

Next came the tricky part, and I didn’t even find very good help online for this!  I hope I can describe it well, so that you can easily follow along.  This is how to add the holes for your arms, to create the vest out of the scarf.

Measure across your back from one shoulder to another (this is from shoulder seam to shoulder seam).  My measurement here was 16 inches.

I looked at my scarf and made sure that I had the direction of the print going the correct way.  In my case, some of the butterflies had antennae …. I made sure that the butterflies were “upright” and NOT upside down.

My scarf measured 70 inches wide by 42 inches tall, and I folded it in half (now 35 inches by 42 inches).

I wanted to cut my armholes about 1/3 of the way down the scarf, which would provide a bit of “collar” at my neck.  Dividing my 42 inch height by about 3, I decided to measure down 14 inches.

Since my shoulder to shoulder measurement was 16 inches, I needed my armholes to come very close to that width (since your arms are right below your shoulders). Because my scarf is now folded in half, I needed to measure 8 inches (half of my 16 inches) over from that fold.

So, from the top of that center fold, I measured over 8 inches (half of the 16″), and down 14 inches (about 1/3 of the full height of my scarf).

I marked this spot with a pin.

I read online to use an 8 inch diameter circle for my armhole.  I found a bowl that was very close to this diameter.

Deciding that I didn’t want the armhole to go much further back than that 16″ shoulder to shoulder line, I knew that I should start my armhole very close to that 8 inches in from the fold.

I placed my bowl upside down (to give me that 8″ diameter), about 7 inches in from the fold, and centered heightwise over the pin I had placed at 14 inches down from the top.

Knowing that what I just described might be a bit confusing, here is a diagram of what I did on paper.  Hope this helps!!!

After putting my bowl in place, I pinned around the bowl (since I could not use my purple pen because of the wild design).  Look carefully and you will see my circle of pins.

I then cut out the circle to create my armholes.

Next, I serged the edges of those armholes with black thread to keep them from raveling.  You could use a zig zag stitch here, or even finish your edges with some bias binding.

Here’s my new vest on my mannequin.

Here it is on me!  Artistic, fun, and VERY easy!!!!

Happy Making!

Molly  🙂










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    1. Oh yes! I hope you understand my instructions and diagram to help you through this! Good luck!!! Wish I could see your creation!

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