Sentimental Ring Bearer Pillow

Sentimental Ring Bearer Pillow

Weddings are full of sentimentality … why not add some more???   Who wants a store bought ring bearer pillow when they can have one made from special fabric from someone in the family???

Inspired by some of the pillows seen on Pinterest using men’s shirts, I offered to make two ring bearer pillows for some dear friends of ours, whose daughter is getting married in March.

My friend shipped me a couple of her husband’s shirts, and I chose to use the tuxedo shirt … LOVE the tucks!


Tuxedo shirts have two buttonholes where “studs” are supposed to be inserted.  Where these were, I sewed the buttonholes closed by zig-zagging with a narrow stitch.  My end goal here was to be able to sew on some buttons which look like studs, as you will see shortly.


Then, I overlapped the shirt in front, as if it were buttoned, then stitched.


Next, I cut the shirt apart, wanting to end up with 9 inch square pieces, as the finished pillows need to be 8 inches square.

I measured carefully, and determined that I would have 2 buttonholes on each pillow.   I cut my squares with this in mind.  I then also cut two 9 inch squares from the back of the shirt, for the backs of the pillows.

The fabric was a bit thinner than I liked for the pillows, so I cut 4 squares of white lining fabric (from my stash) to back my pieces.  I sewed the lining pieces to my tuxedo pieces.


Then I sewed on my “stud” type buttons.


Followed by sewing on the red/black plaid ribbon (chosen by the bride) to hold the rings.


Next, with right sides together, I sewed the fronts to the backs, leaving about a 3 inch opening so I could turn the pillows right side out.  I always stitch around my corners twice, so that I can trim my seams close to the corners and they won’t pull open when turned right side out.  After completing the stitching, I trimmed my seams with pinking shears and clipped my corners as follows . . .


Next it was time to turn my little pillow cases right side out.  When doing so, I used a sharp point to make my corners nice and pointy!  I gave my cases a good ironing with some spray starch to help them look crisp!


Then came time to stuff the pillow with polyester filling.


I used a chop stick to help feed the fluff into the corners.


I finished by hand stitching the 3 inch opening shut. (Sorry, blurry photo!)


Here they are . . . ready for those little munchkins to carry them down the aisle!!! (Rings NOT included!)

Those nephews of the bride are going to look adorable carrying pillows made from their Grandpa’s tuxedo shirt!!!


Make YOUR wedding extra special by trying a variation of these!!!!  Share with me upon completion!

Happy making,



2 thoughts on “Sentimental Ring Bearer Pillow

  1. Such a classic, elegant alternative to lacy pillows. Love your ability to personalize for the bride–the variations could be endless–simply beautiful!

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