Shear the (Simulated) Sheep!!!

Shear the (Simulated) Sheep!!!

I found this coat … in GREAT shape and even the sleeves were long enough for me.  Half-price day at a thrift store had me taking this one home for $8.00!  The tag said DRY CLEAN ONLY, but with fabrics listed as polyester and acrylic, I took the chance and threw this thing in the washer and straight into the dryer …. it came out PERFECTLY!!!!!  NO dry cleaning needed for this simulated sheep!

Here it is, complete with a WAY oversized collar, and a bit on the big size in the body.


I turned it inside out and pinned and marked some new side seams, then sewed them.


Next, I cut away the excess.


Now it was time to attack the overgrown collar!  I used my French Curve to create the new line of the collar.  I made sure to match the curve on both sides.


Then, I measured 2 inches from the edge around the back side of the collar.


Since the coat had stitching about 1/8″ away from the edge of the collar, I sewed a seam 1/8″ just inside my cutting line.


Time to shear that simulated sheep collar and bring the coat into 2015!!!


Now it fits, the collar is more in proportion, and I can throw this coat in the washer and dryer!!!!  May not be as warm as a real sheep, but a lot cheeper and easier to care for!


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