Small Apartment Kitchen Set – REFRESH !

Small Apartment Kitchen Set – REFRESH !

Twenty-something + Low salary + Big city + Small apartment = Cheap furniture!!!

My daughter and I found this cute, small kitchen set at a resale store, and decided to refinish it for her new apartment. Though the photo looks pretty good, the set needed a little love!!!


There were bumps in the table surface, some rust at the bottoms of the legs, and the seat cushions were covered in plastic, and had VERY little padding.  The whole set was off-white to begin, and the rivets and screws all needed to be tightened!

I began by revving up my trusty hand sander to remove all the polyurethane from the top of the table as well as to smooth out the bumps on the surface.


Then, I removed the screws to dismantle the top from the base.

I also removed the seats from the chair frames.

To remove all dirt and dust, I wiped the frames with water and a tiny bit of Dawn.


Taking the pieces into the back yard, I sprayed each of the frames (upside down, then right side up) with Rustoleum Gloss White Enamel.  This REALLY brightened them up!!!




While the spray paint was drying, I worked on the table top.  After wiping well after the sanding, I applied this Minwax product that stains and coats with polyurethane at the same time.


Then, while the first coat of this was drying, I went back inside to work on the seats.  First, I removed the ugly plastic covers, by turning the seats over and removing the staples holding the plastic in place.


In order to increase the cushioning on the seats, I had purchased some 2 inch cushioning at the fabric store.  I started by making a pattern on some paper of the size and shape of the seats.


Next, I used this pattern to mark the cushioning.


Then cut the cushions.


Then, I took some fabric glue and just lightly glued the cushions to the top of the old seat fabric.  This helped to keep the cushions in place while I covered them with the new fabric.


Next, I cut fabric pieces a good bit larger than my seats.  This allowed me to have enough fabric to lap around to the underside.  I used my staple gun to begin securing the fabric.  I made sure to line up my fabric straight along the front and back of each seat, so it didn’t look cockeyed.  Crooked is NOT a good look!!!!


I secured each side, making sure the fabric was straight.  At this point, I cut away a little of the excess fabric.


Then, I folded under the raw edges of the fabric and did some more stapling.


The final step in attaching the fabric was to wrap the corners.  I did this by folding one angle, then folding once again, and stapling in place, like this.


Everything was now secure.


Lastly, I covered the fabric with a couple of coats of Scotch Gard to protect the fabric from stains. (Kitchen chairs have a certain way of collecting stains!!!)


The very last things to do were to screw the seat cushions back onto the chair frames and also the table top onto the table frame.  All done, and DARLING, if I dare to say so myself!!!  Cute and very quick makeover!!!!


Happy Making!!!

Molly 🙂





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