Stripes and Solids !

Stripes and Solids !

I have seen lots of tops with stripes and solids combined, so I decided to make my own version.  I started with these two jersey tops from the thrift store.



Both shirts fit me.  I liked the hemline of the striped one, but not the sleeves.  The sleeves of the black were almost long enough, but not quite for these “monkey” arms of mine!  So, I got to work.

I carefully removed the sleeves from both of the tops, cutting very close to the previous serged stitching, so that my new seam would look nice and clean.

I removed the black sleeves on the BODY side of the seam. (See the seam is on the right of the scissors.)


I removed the striped sleeves on the SLEEVE side of the seam. (See the seam is on the left of the scissors.)


Cutting closer . . .


I inserted the news sleeves into the body of the striped shirt, then made sure to pin the right sides of the shirt and sleeve together properly.


I serged the armholes, re-attaching the new black sleeves. (Removing pins as I sewed!)


With that done, I moved on to the length of the sleeves, wanting to add some interest to them as well.

From the removed striped sleeves, I marked and cut 2 1/2″ from the bottom of each sleeve.


Then, placing the striped cuff just below the existing cuff of the black sleeve, I marked the width of the striped piece (so that when I sewed them together, they would be the same width).  I added just the width for my serged seam (about 1/4″).


Next, I serged this seam.


Then, with right sides together, I pinned the striped pieces to the bottom of each black sleeve.


I then serged these together.


My top was now complete!  Here are some photos of the finished product.




I can leave the shirt untucked, or certainly tuck it in as well.

Happy Making,

Molly 🙂

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