Super Woman Costume – DIY

Super Woman Costume – DIY

Actually, I made this costume for my wonderful daughter-in-law, who will wear this to the Children’s Hospital where she is doing her Pediatric Residency.  The doctors get to dress up on Halloween for the sake of fun for the children!  Needless to say, my daughter-in-law will look MUCH cuter in this than I do at my age!!!

I began with a red graduation gown, which I purchased for a couple of dollars at a Goodwill Store for part of this costume.  I started by removing the sleeves as well as the top portion of the gown.


I pulled a pattern I had for a full skirt, and used the pattern pieces for just the front and back, knowing that I would remove some of the length.



I cut both the front and back pieces on the fold of the fabric, cutting off length from the original pattern pieces.  I sewed them together at the side seams.  Then, I bought some wide gold waist elastic, and cut a piece about 3 inches smaller than my actual waist measurement.  I sewed the elastic together.


I folded the top of the skirt in quarters and marked at each increment.  I did the same for the elastic. I then pinned the elastic right side together to the top of the skirt, matching those 1/4 increments.


As I sewed, I had to stretch the elastic to fit the skirt.


Next, on to the leggings.  I began with two pairs of cheap leggings I found at an outlet store for $3.99 each.


Wanting to make it look like I was wearing boots, I put on the blue leggings, then pulled on the red leggings over the blue ones. (Awkward photo!!!)


I pinned the leggings together, using pins to designate the shape of the “top” of the boots.  I marked this with my purple pen.


I placed the pins for sewing.


Then sewed this seam with a zig-zag stitch.


This is what that looked like.


Next, I carefully took my scissors and trimmed away the red above the “boot.”



Then, trimmed the blue away below (inside).


My leggings now looked like this.


I found a stretchy royal top at Goodwill, and repaired a couple of seams that needed help.  I took some yellow and red cotton fabric from my “stash,” and got out my Wonder Under to create my Super Woman Logo.


I found a Super Woman Logo on the internet, and increased its size on my copier, so that the size would be proportional for my top.


Next came the tricky part.  I needed to create a yellow piece and a red piece, both backed with the Wonder Under.  I needed to do this backwards, so that when I ironed them together, they would create the logo correctly.


After I made my templates for both the yellow and the red parts of the logo, I ironed those templates to the wrong side of the yellow and red fabrics.  Then, I cut them out.


I then removed the backing from both,


and ironed them to the center of the front of the top.


To secure the logo from peeling away when the shirt stretches, I sewed along the outside of the logo.


Lastly, I found a long red robe at a thrift store for $2.99.  This worked nicely for the cape.  I began by removing the sleeves and the top of the robe.


I folded it in half, and used a cape pattern piece to get the general idea of the shape for my cape.


As you can see, this cape piece was too wide for my available fabric.  So, I folded the pattern piece back.  This left the neckline the same, but created a new line for the front, using as much fabric as I could.  I cut out the cape.


I marked and sewed the darts at the shoulders.


I serged the edges of the cape, just to finish them off.  I then cut the button and loop from the top of the old robe.


Then hand sewed them to the neck pieces of the cape.


Here I am, ready to save the world ……SUPER WOMAN!!!!



With very little cost, and a little effort, see what I have made?  Try some repurposing for yourself, your child, or your grandchild, and let me see your costume creations!!!!

Happy Making!

Molly 🙂

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