Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

On Mondays at my favorite local thrift store, they have 25%  off for Customer Appreciation day.  So, if I can, I like to visit the store on Mondays!  Even better pricing!!!

Last Monday, I picked up several items, two of which were this sweater . . .

and this little dress.

At first, I thought I would combine them and make a tunic top.  But, when I held them up together, I decided to make a dress instead.  The tunic would have put all the ruffles right at my hips.

The sweater fit me well, but had some vents at the sides.

So, needing to close the vents, I pinned them together.

Then I sewed them shut, with my machine set on a stitch that looks like a lightening bolt.  This stitch provides a bit of stretch for knits.

Next, I cut the ruffles from the bottom of the dress, leaving about 5/8″ for a seam above the top ruffle.

Fortunately, the bottom of the sweater and the top of the ruffle were almost identical in width.  (If they were not similar in width, I would have had to decrease the width of one of them to make them match.)

So, I put the RIGHT sides together, and pinned the ruffles to the bottom of the sweater.

Then, I used my serger to sew the ruffles to the sweater.  (You could also use a regular machine, using that “lightening bolt” stitch again for some stretch.)

The final thing I did was to take out my Dritz Sweater Comb . . .

and rubbed it over the sweater where there were some “pills” from wear.  This cleaned up the sweater very nicely!!!

My dear husband took me out to dinner, and I was able to wear my cute new sweater dress with some black tights and my black suede booties.  Fun day creating, and a wonderful dinner out with my favorite guy!!!

Happy Making!

Molly  🙂




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