Sweatshirt Makeover

Sweatshirt Makeover

Teal …. what a fun color for a sweatshirt, which you certainly don’t see very often.  I picked this one up at the thrift store for $2.99.

The sweatshirt fit me fine, but I decided I wanted to turn it into a v-neck instead of the traditional crew neck.  So, I went to a post from The Renegade Seamstress on ehow.com, and followed her instructions to convert the neckline.  Here is the link to those instructions:  http://www.ehow.com/how_8777581_turn-crew-neck-tshirt-vneck.html

I began by carefully removing the ribbing at the neck … only from shoulder to shoulder.

Next, I placed an embroidered lace piece at the neckline to help determine how low I wanted the “V” to be.

I then folded my sweatshirt in half down the middle, and  I marked a new line from the shoulder to the bottom of the “V.”

I then took my scissors and cut my neck ribbing exactly in the middle.

And I cut the sweatshirt along the marked line.

Then, following those instructions for sewing from the link on ehow, I sewed the ribbing into place.  Voila!!!

Next, I placed my lace where I wanted it, and pinned, then stitched by hand to secure it.

Then, for some added interest, I added some ivory beads in periodic spots on top of the lace.

Here it is after the beads had been added.

The weather is finally getting warmer!  I may need to shelf this sweatshirt until next fall, but here it is . . .

Try updating an old sweatshirt for a quick and easy refashion!

Happy Making!

Molly 🙂






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