Team Spirit Skirt from a Sweater

Team Spirit Skirt from a Sweater

So, I was “thrifting” yesterday, and came upon this Men’s XL sweater at a Goodwill store on a half-price day.  Hence, I scored this find for $3.50!!! Cha-ching!!!!  It is the royal blue and white of a local college team, who’s basketball team we like to support. In my mind, I immediately saw this sweater becoming a cute sweater-skirt to be worn with leggings and boots for some b-ball games this winter!



I started by cutting off the sleeves and the neck, then separating the front from the back.  This allowed me to step into the sweater, so I could start making it into a skirt.  I turned it inside out and pinned it a little larger than my waist (because the elastic will pull that in), and then pinned along my hips and legs to create the fit I wanted for the skirt.



Though the photo still shows a school name, I cut that off before I continued.  After turning it inside out and fitting it to myself, I got ready to sew the new side seams.  I wanted to make sure to keep the stripes matched up, so I pinned the seams and sewed on my regular sewing machine first.  Then, I sewed the seams on my serger, once I was sure the stripes matched … see below …..IMG_3547



In order to keep those funky serger seams from fraying along the bottom of the skirt, I took a large needle and ran the serger thread back up along the stitching before cutting it off.


Next, I cut a piece of wide white elastic to fit how tight I wanted it for the top of the skirt, and sewed the ends together to create the new waistband.  Then, I marked the waistband in fourths, and did the same for the skirt.  I match up these “fourths,” and then stretched the elastic to fit the skirt with pins (right sides together).  Then, I went to my serger, and stitched the elastic to the skirt, removing the pins and stretching the elastic just enough to match up with the width of the top of the skirt.  I turned it right side out,  pressed the skirt, and the project was done!

IMG_3552 (1)

Now, I am ready for the local college basketball season …. fashionable enough???????

Molly Made It

Then, I made one last craft from the “leftovers” of the original sweater …. wine bags for some friends who happen to root for this same team!!!!   Can’t wait to give these to some avid fans!!!


That’s it for today ….hope you have enjoyed my Team Spirit post!  Go out and create some of your own spirited items, and let me see what you have made!  🙂

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