Treasured Signature Pillow

Treasured Signature Pillow

A good friend of mine, having seen my new blog posts, asked me if I might help her preserve a very special memory for her family.  What a FUN request!!!  Recently, upon cleaning out the “family home,” someone came upon an old canvas golf bag which had been used by my friend’s father.  It was from the famous resort, The Greenbrier, and her father’s actual signature had been screen printed on the back side of the bag!

My friend’s father passed away many years ago, so his signature has become extra special to her, her mother, and her sisters.  With the canvas being weathered and worn, she asked if I might be able to make a pillow which she could put on a memorable family bench her family uses outside in the summer.



I purchased an oblong pillow at JoAnn Fabrics, and marked the fabric on both sides … bigger than I would need, and making sure to center the images on both pieces.


Making sure to put right sides together, I stitched the rectangular shape …. downsizing until the pillow would fit snuggly into the case.  After I got the size correct, (making sure to leave an opening large enough to stuff my pillow through), I serged the seams, then turned the case right sides out.


At this point, I decided that I wanted to add back on the leather strap with snap which had been on the original golf case.  This was going to add some extra character to the outdoor pillow!  So, I sewed on the leather strap, and added the half of a snap set which would be needed to close the snap.

After stuffing the pillow into the case, I sewed the opening closed.

Here’s the finished pillow on the FAMILY BENCH…. a wonderful and easy way to save and use a special treasure!!!!   So …. find your treasures, and see what YOU can do with them!!!!


LOVING THIS!!!!  Let your memories live on!!!

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