Velvet Sewing Challenge

Velvet Sewing Challenge

A blogger I follow and thoroughly enjoy goes by “The Renegade Seamstress”.  For several years now, she has hosted a fun sewing competition, which she calls the “Refashion Runway.”   Anyone not chosen to participate is given the opportunity to “sew along.”  I have done this in the past, but never before had a blog on which I could post my creations.  This year I HAVE THAT BLOG!!!

So, for the next 5 weeks, I will be blogging about and posting the creations I make which will follow the challenges posed to the competitors on “Refashion Runway.”  If you are interested in reading more about this competition, please just click on the sidebar of my blog where I have a box titled “Refashion Runway.”

Week One Challenge: VELVET.  We must create  something out of velvet which is to be repurposed from a previously constructed item.

Luckily in August (and 90 degree heat), I WAS able to find some velvet at a thrift store!!!  I chose this dress, which I purchased on Monday for $2.99.



As you can see from the top photo, there were slits up both sides of the long dress.  I began by slitting open the side seams several inches above the tops of the slits.  This gave me a little extra length for my top.


I marked and cut the dress for the length I thought I would need for my new top.


Then, taking the front piece, I turned it upside down so that the hem was at my neck.  I wrapped the corners around my neck, and I really liked the drape which this created in the front.


I also like the look of this halter style.  So, I sewed these two corners together.


Next, I played around with what to do for the back of my shirt.  I decided to take the back piece of the dress (which I had also cut), and turn it at a 90 degree angle. In doing this, I realized that I could attach the corner at my neck and angle the sides down to meet the front piece under my arms. (Photo will show this better in a minute if I lost you.)  So, I picked a button I liked, and sewed a buttonhole at the top corner of my new back piece.


Then, I sewed the button to the front piece with strong button thread.IMG_5592

I buttoned the back to the front at the neck.


Next it was time to fit the front and back together at the sides.  After determining where to sew, I stitched the seams on my regular machine, then followed up by running them through my serger.  My top now looked like this from the back . . .


At this point, I decided that instead of making my top straight across both the front and back, I would utilize the triangular piece I had after cutting the back to match the front.


So, I then attached the triangular piece to the bottom of the front, creating an asymmetrical point slightly off to my left side.  I finished the edges of the fabric, then hemmed the front and back.  My new velvet shirt was finished!!!

Velvet is still too hot for 90 degree heat, but here’s one way I can wear it, come cooler weather!




Next week …. the challenge is METALLIC.  You might just see this top again, paired with something dressier!

Happy making,

Molly  🙂

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