Vera Bradley Clutch/Phone Case

Vera Bradley Clutch/Phone Case

To some of you …. I am old.  I prefer that “Middle” term!  Despite some hot flashes and waking in the middle of the night, there ARE some advantages to this age group!  I no longer have to haul that gargantuan diaper bag, and I don’t even need to carry the HUGE bag which accommodates those “Mom, can you carry this, please?” requests.  Very often, I can leave my house with only lipstick, my phone, and those all important “readers!”  Sometimes I want a purse which holds just a little more.

I love Vera Bradley, but when I see the full retail prices, I usually stop short!  So, this was my recent solution to that problem.

Found these two matching bags at a local thrift store …. prices attached.  I looked them over, and knew I could create exactly what I wanted for a FRACTION of the cost.


After washing the bags, I cut the oval shaped bag apart.  The other bag is a wallet type, with slots inside for driver’s license and credit cards.  On the outside of one side of the wallet is a zipped coin pocket. Not wanting to disturb the functional parts of the wallet, I decided the best bet was to create the “pocket” for my phone, but then just stitch it on the outside by hand.

After measuring my phone, and calculating for seam allowances and a little “wiggle” room to remove the phone, I cut a piece the size I needed from the oval bag.  I serged the edges to keep them from fraying.IMG_3286


I folded the edges where needed, and ironed them.  Then I stitched around the edges to make them look finished.  (Ignore some of my incorrect purple pen markings. :0 )


Next, I pinned the pocket into place and stitched it on by hand with some heavy thread.



Lastly, I realized that I needed a snap to insure that my phone would stay in the pocket!


Here it is …. my “Middle-Aged” sleek little purse!!!  Loving it!!!!

Vera Bradley just might squirm if she could see my $13 clutch/phone case!!!IMG_3291

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