Victrola Bar

Victrola Bar

A couple of years ago, I got inspired from something I must have seen on Pinterest . . . that can sometimes be dangerous!!!  It involved a vintage Victrola cabinet, so I scoured the newspaper, and happened upon a garage sale where one such thing was listed for sale.

Sure enough, it was just what I wanted, so I think I plunked down $75 for the cabinet. The proud owner told me that the turntable actually worked, but I did not disclose MY intentions for his “working” Victrola.

I have only a few photos of my work, as this was all done long before I thought about blogging, but I will just be giving a rough overview of this project anyway.

Here’s what it looked like after I took out all the “guts,” and peeled off the veneer from the sides and front.



I stained the dark wood areas, then applied a coat of polyurethane.  I sanded the rough areas of the sides and front to prepare them for painting.



Next, I painted the sides, top and front, then put the door pulls back on.  I found some  hanging wine glass racks from a home organizing store, then I hung these racks inside the lower part of the cabinet.  I also found a wine bottle rack which was too wide to fit in the cabinet.  I took it to my local hardware store, and had them cut away some of the width for me.

Here’s the inside of the top . . .


Here are some shots of the bottom . . .



It certainly isn’t perfect, as I am not a furniture refinisher, but it was a REALLY fun project!!!

Come over and have a glass of wine with me sometime, and we can discuss what inspirations you have up your sleeve!!!  Find a fun project and get busy creating!!!

Happy “making!”


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  1. I’ll bring the wine–Looks like you are thinking outside, inside, and all around the box! Such fun creativity :))

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