Wet Hair Wrap

Wet Hair Wrap

Fashion Statement ……. NOT!!!!!  Practicality sometimes overrules fashion, so here is a very PRACTICAL refashion for today’s blog post.

I know that the item, most commonly known as the “Turbie Twist” might not be a horribly expensive item, but who needs to spend maybe $8.00 on one when you could make one yourself  with a little effort and an old towel???

I have made these before with great success using old baby towels, so I recently picked up another at the thrift store to show you how to make them.


Cost = 99 cents !!!


Since I have made these before, I have a pattern that I cut from my real “Turbie Twist.”  The length of this pattern piece is 26″, and the height is 9″ (about 7″ from the right side).  You can imitate from the photo and make your own pattern piece.  I allowed for 1/4″ seams.


First, I folded the baby towel in half.  Then, after placing my pattern on top of the folded fabric, I realized that I needed to remove the “hoodie” part of the towel.


So, I cut it off, very close to the yellow binding.


Next, I pinned my sides together, just to hold them in place.

IMG_4259 (1)

Then, I pinned my pattern to the fabric.  My pattern is just a “wee” bit longer than the length of my towel, but that won’t matter.  I love using the edge of the baby towel for the edge of my twist … this way there is no need to finish a raw edge, and it adds some color!


Time to cut.


Then, I cut a 3″ piece of elastic (I prefer 3/8″ wide elastic, but almost any width will do the trick).


I folded the elastic in half, then inserted the folded end into the seam . . . leaving the cut edges of the elastic flush with the edge of the fabric.  I pinned it into place.  The elastic should be placed about 5″ from the end of the seam along the curve.



Then, I stitched the seam.  I used my serger, but you can simply stitch on a regular machine, but make sure to zig-zag your edges to prevent fraying.


I ran a “tail” on my serger, then I threaded that “tail” (using an embroidery needle) back up my seam about an inch.  Then, I clipped my threads. (This prevents fraying threads.)


Next, I ironed my seam.


I turned the towel inside out and placed a piece of ribbon (in my case, I used a MollyMadeIt name label) about one inch up from the edge.  I centered this over the seam.  This ribbon should be about 2″ long.  I pinned it in place, then stitched it down.



Either the elastic or the ribbon are used to hold the towel in place after you have twisted the towel on your wet head.

Lovely as this photo is ….. here’s what it looks like in use!  Remember, I said PRACTICAL . . . NOT fashionable!!!!


Here’s a view from the back . . .


So, my original Turbie Twist has nothing on me . . . I can imitate this for 99 cents!!!


HAPPY IMITATING!!!!  Make some for yourself, put an extra in your suitcase for travel, and make some for friends!!!  A cheap but practical gift!

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